Top tips to make your wedding stand out!

August 18, 2019

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We’re coming into peak wedding season, and as big fans of anything wedding related, the Drunken Berries team have put together our top tips for ensuring your big day is as unique and special as you are!

Jazz up your welcome drinks

Your guests will be looking forward to toasting your first moments as a newly wedded couple with a glass of something special, so why not provide something fruity that they might not have tried before? Some people aren’t too keen on the taste of prosecco or champagne so to cater for those with a sweeter tooth, mix up your own wedding ‘cocktail’ by adding a splash of Drunken Berries to each glass! Or if you’d like to give people the choice, ask the servers to offer it as an option when pouring each drink. With three delicious flavours, you can be sure there’s something to suit every guest.

Enjoy flowers that last forever

Fresh flowers are a beautiful part of a wedding, especially if you’re going for a certain colour theme. The sad part is that flowers have a short lifespan and are hard to dry and press. We recently met the lovely Abby from Button up Birdy at a local wedding fair, who makes gorgeous bespoke paper flower bouquets and buttonholes to match your colour theme perfectly. The best bit? They’ll last forever as a precious keepsake from your big day.

Button up Birdy Bouquet

Image credit – Abigail Pope @ Button Up Birdy

Let them eat cake… and plenty of it!

Wedding costs can add up quickly, so why not add a personal touch and ask friends to bring along a cake or dessert for the table! Your guests will love the variety, and it’s always flattering to be asked to bake something to contribute – you may find it becomes a British Bake Off style spread!

Cakes at a wedding reception

Image credit – The Knot

Give guests a favour they’ll love

Giving something back to your guests is a lovely idea, especially if they can be personalised. Our ‘Shrunken Berries’ are mini versions of the popular Drunken Berries bottles. At 100ml they are the perfect dinky size to pop on the table for your guests, adding not only a splash of colour but also a splash of fruity fun to their drinks! Make them into place settings by attaching name tags to each bottle – we suggest having a mix of flavours on each table so people can share and compare…

Drunken Berries Mini Bottle on Table

Create wedding gifs for your friends to enjoy

Photobooths are the wedding norm, but if you fancy trying something different, why not get a GIF booth? Easy to put together, simply hire or buy the kit (light ring, tripod, iPad and app) and have hours of fun making GIFS throughout your wedding day! The app will send the GIFS to smartphones as well as saving in an album, so everyone will be able to share and enjoy the fun of the day.

Wedding Gif maker

Image credit – Epic Photo

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