Spring is in the air! 5 reasons to feel positive

February 25, 2021

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Shake off that winter coat, find a slice of sunshine, and embrace the new season with open arms! Spring is here and we are ready to be reinvigorated. The changing of the seasons marks the passing of time, and when we have all been watching the days tick by so slowly, suddenly ‘then’ becomes ‘NOW’, and we can start a new routine and find new inspiration all around us. Here are 5 reasons to feel positive this spring.

The beauty of nature is balm for the soul – bask in all its glory.

With the arrival of spring, your winter walks will soon become a riot of colour and smell. The bulbs begin to bloom and the trees begin to flower, and suddenly everything feels a bit brighter. Take a stroll through one of the wonderful National Trust sites in March and you will not regret it. Pink magnolias, bright yellow daffodils, rainbow tulips and sweet white snowdrops soon appear in every quiet corner. If you prefer to wander a wild woodland, why not bring a basket and hunt for some wild garlic while you’re there. Then take your foraged findings home and make some home-made pesto for tea, delicious! 

Who runs the world…

As a woman-led business ourselves we wanted to give a special shout out to all the incredible women in Britain, and the world, for International Women’s Day. HOORAY! We are so proud of all the exceptional women who have paved the way for us to become entrepreneurs, educators, stay at home Mums, business owners, politicians, and whatever else we want to be. So we raise a very high glass and toast (with a prosecco mixer!) to all the women in our lives, and who have come before us, and say ‘Thank you for everything you have done, and continue to do to make the lives of women better every day!’.

Fluffing fantastic!

Lambing season is here and if baby lambs don’t lighten your mood we don’t know what will. All over the countryside, little lambs are fluffing around and generally making everything cuter. Why not throw on your favourite wool cable knit and some wellies, and go for a delightful walk through the farmland. We recommend bringing a flask of something warming and some nibbles and having a picnic on a rolling hill with baby lambs frolicking all around. Picture postcard perfect.

Luck of the Irish

We can all use a little extra luck at the moment, so why not plan a little St. Patrick’s Day celebration and encourage the little leprechauns in your house to get a bit festive. Make sure you dress in green, paint a giant rainbow to hang on the rafters, and hide some gold coins for a little treasure hunt. You can bake cookies, and decorate them with green icing and gold sprinkles. You could even have a bowl of Lucky Charms for breakfast and put a drop of green food colouring in the milk for a bit of silliness. Don’t worry the grown-ups can join in too. Why not pop a drop of green colouring in your lager shandy or G&T for a bit of Irish luck. While you’re at you can dust off your old Riverdance VHS and show your kids the spectacular 90’s phenomenon in all its glory! 

To the Queens who raise us, we bow before you!

In the year where home-schooling became the new normal, it might be a good idea to think about upping your Mother’s Day game this year. Although a macaroni necklace and a home-made card may be lovely, a tiny tipple may also be a welcome gift to the mother-figure in your life. Why not include a bottle of fizz and a Drunken Berries Prosecco Mixer, along with the flowers and card you are sending out. We recommend replacing the standard Buck’s Fizz with our Raspberry & Gin Prosecco Mixer to jazz up any Mother’s Day celebration. That way, when you get on Zoom for your Mother’s Day chat you can pop a splash of matching mixer in your bubbles, and cheers each other for being the best mother-figures in the world. You definitely deserve it! 

Drunken Berries on Mother's Day

We know we are glass half full kind of people, but springtime really does put a ‘spring’ in our step. While the days get longer and summer suddenly feels like a blink away, we try to stay present and enjoy the little moments of change that the new season brings. Happy springtime everyone and cheers to you and yours!