Prosecco Mixers through the ages

March 17, 2021

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Historians believe that our love for our bubby beauty began as early as 200bc! From the moment the first cork was popped the world became a sparklier and more delicious place. As with all discoveries, humans soon began to experiment with making it even more remarkable, and thus the prosecco mixer was born! The first known poem about prosecco was penned in 1754, and although Italians have been enjoying it for hundreds of years it wasn’t until the early 1900’s that prosecco made a name for herself and began to nudge her fancy-schmancy cousin, Champagne, out of flutes and saucers around the world.

The reason for this shift is that prosecco mixers are actually more versatile and since prosecco is a more affordable brand of bubbles, mixing it was seen as a delicious bit of fun instead of a waste of expensive champagne. Hence why prosecco was the preferred bubbly for cocktail parties. (Every day is a school day, isn’t it!) Now no one really knows when each prosecco mixer cocktail was made, but there are a lot of great guesses, so here is our not so scientific list of fantastic prosecco mixers over the last 120 years. 

1900’s – The Classic Bellini 

Sweet and simple the Classic Bellini prosecco mixer is as easy as it is refreshing, two tablespoons of white peach puree, and a generous pour of prosecco on top (and perhaps a sprig of thyme). Give your prosecco a delicate mix, imagine yourself sitting on an Italian piazza in the sunshine, and enjoy. 

Peach Bellini prosecco mixer via Waiting on Martha

1910’s – The Black Velvet 

Now technically this prosecco mixer was invented in 1861 to mourn the death of Prince Albert but wasn’t written into a recipe until 1910. Equal parts cold porter (Guinness) and bubbly (prosecco) slowly stirred in a goblet…. well if you insist. 

1920’s – The Humble Mimosa 

Invented in 1925 in the Ritz Hotel in Paris this beautiful bevvy is simply equal parts orange juice and prosecco, making it one of the most beloved brunch prosecco mixers of all time. 

Prosecco Mixers -Drunken Berries Brunch

1930’s – The Champagne Bowler

Although originally made in the 1930s with simple syrup and champagne, we reinvented this old favourite to make a super easy splash that packs a prohibition punch, enjoy!

Drunken Berries Bubbly Bowler 

Drunken Berries Prosecco Mixer group

1940’s – The Gloria Swanson Cocktail 

Although the Classic Champagne cocktail had been around for decades, the glorious actress Gloria Swanson gave it a new life and a new look in the 1940s. Unlike its dainty flute predecessor this drink starts as a PINT of ice-cold bubbly, 2 oz of the ‘Best’ cognac, and a twist of lemon peel, oh Gloria you really were revolutionary. 

1950’s – The Jungle Bird Royale

Elvis Prestley made all things Hawaiian popular in the 1950s and the Tiki bar was definitely one of them. The Jungle Bird is a classic tiki-style drink, best served in a thatched roof bar with several umbrellas, a flower, and occasionally a small fire. Although it isn’t traditionally made as a prosecco mixer, it really is too good not to share!

1960’s –  Negroni Spritz

Although Negroni has been around since the 1800s, the Sprits came about completely by accident in the late 1960s. Instead of grabbing soda water, the bartender picked up a prosecco mixer for the negroni…and we never looked back! 

1970’s – The Prosecco Margarita

This lesser-known sibling of the hard-hitting classic, is a real crowd-pleaser in the ’80s, making the traditionally short drink a little longer lasting and just as delicious. 

1980’s – Pimm’s and Prosecco

Well, go on then. A bit like the perfect roast potato argument, the perfect Pimm’s recipe is up for much debate, but one thing we can argue with is that Pimm’s makes a brilliant prosecco mixer. In the 1980s Pimm’s took over as the go-to beverage for British summer celebrations and it hasn’t stopped since. 

Prosecco Mixers -Drunken Berries Pimms and prosecco

1990’s – The Flirtini

Made famous by Sex and the City and the Mighty Boosh, this prosecco mixer is a staple of 90’s culture. Now that the 90’s are making a comeback be prepared to hear it ordered by a teeny bopper in a Jamiroquai fuzzy hat any time now. 

2000’s – The drink that shall not be named…

This isn’t an HP reference, it’s just that the drink name of the naughties was as naughty as it sounds. An equal mix of prosecco, Redbull, and vodka made this party animal of a prosecco mixer, and this drink definitely should come with a warning label. 

2010’s – Drunken Berries –  Bevvy of Blackwater Bay

It wouldn’t be the 2010’s without Game of Thrones now, would it? If you are a GOT lover there are a plethora of prosecco mixer possibilities out there, but our Drunken Berries’ –  Bevvy of Blackwater Bay is one of our favourites. 

So tasty it’ll almost make you forget that winter is coming….

2020 – The Quarantini 

Sorry, we had to! 2020 was a heck of a year and there were some wild and wonderful ideas to come out of it, and The Quarantini prosecco mixer was definitely one of them. Ice, Aperol, orange juice (for the Vitamin-C hit) topped with prosecco. Best served immediately, while socially distancing, wearing your ‘good’ joggers, messy bun optional. 

Prosecco Mixers -Drunken Berries Aperol Spritz

We hope you enjoyed our little mini-history of prosecco mixers and the next time you raise a glass of something sparkly you think of the many prosecco lovers that have come before you and forged this wonderfully delicious path you now find yourself on. Cheers! 

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