About Us

What is Drunken Berries?

Drunken Berries is an award winning alcoholic Prosecco mixer range, creating a Bellini style cocktail once mixed with sparkling wine, it can also be drizzled on desserts or frozen in an ice cube tray to create alcoholic sorbet ice cubes, ready to be dropped in to your favourite glass of fizz.

The recipe was originally created for a New year’s eve party and has since gone on to win 2 Great Taste awards including 2 Gold Stars for the Raspberry Gin Mixer and 1 Gold star for the Blackberry Brandy Mixer.

A fine balance of puréed berries, caramelized sugar, lemon juice and high quality spirits from an independent London distiller ensures each bottle is packed with berry flavour without ever over powering your dessert or Prosecco.