How to go from camping to glamping

June 7, 2021

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The great British summer has finally arrived, hurrah! We are free from the tyranny of winter and can release our inner sun-worshipper… while wearing factor 50 of course. Now, what will we do to enjoy it? One of the biggest travel trends of the year is the stay-cation, and for some, that means swapping out their 5* all-inclusive resort in Bali for a camping holiday instead. But just because it’s camping doesn’t mean it can’t be a bit glam. Here are some great ideas on how to turn your summer camping trip into a true glamping experience.

It’s called Glamping daarling!

Not everyone is cut out for porta-loos and pop-up tents, but that shouldn’t stop you from enjoying the great outdoors. Dotted all across the country are glorious Glamping sites, that make enjoying the wilderness a little less, well, wild. These glorious bell or safari tents can be a bit pricey, but they really are worth it. Not only are they in a stunning natural setting, but they come with all the creature comforts and can be downright luxurious! Raised beds with actual sheets, fluffy pillows, running water, electricity, a wood-burning stove, a fire pit and some even have a jacuzzi hot tub. Plus you can still awake to the sounds of birds singing, and have your gourmet coffee overlooking the glorious landscape, but not have to worry about packing up afterwards, result! 

Location Location Location!

For those of us with kiddos, sometimes the idea of camping sounds like more trouble than fun. But what if you changed the location from a far-flung field to a friend’s cosy back garden? Having a little garden camping trip could be the perfect way to introduce the little ones to a camping experience without having to be too far away from proper toilets, or having to worry about the weather. Plus you can really go all out with the ‘extras’. Invest in some binoculars and a bug hunting kit and you and the little ones can go on a scavenger hunt in the garden.

You can play lawn games with giant Jenga, do egg races and go on a foraging walk in the neighbourhood picking wildflowers. For dinner have a hot dog on sticks BBQ, and for desserts, you can roast marshmallows while you sing camp songs. You could even glam it up a bit and hang a sheet across the fence, set up a projector, and watch an adventure inspired film like ‘Dora the explorer’, ‘Moana’,  or ‘Up’ while snuggled up with a hot chocolate. In the morning, your little ones will probably want to head inside for a few morning cartoons, but keep them entertained by letting them scramble the eggs and chop the fruit for your open fire pancakes. Then they can help by roasting breakfast sausages on sticks, before enjoying a beautiful homemade breakfast picnic. 

Outdoor cinema

It’s all about preparation

Just because you are camping doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the finer things! Gone are the days of making do with the bare minimum, here are a few tips to step it up a notch and take it to a glamping level. 

  • You can never have too much ice. Just get loads of it and fill the cooler to the brim, that way bevvies stay cold and you can bring choice meat without worrying if it will go off. DB Top Tip: You can even fill and freeze water balloons for a bit of extra fun. Not only will they keep the water leakage to a minimum, but they also are lovely and colourful and when they defrost you have a fun ready-made way to cool off in the sunshine.
  • Don’t forget to pack butter, fresh herbs, and salt and pepper. These simple ingredients can take almost any meal and elevate it to a taste sensation. Also if you are going to have a BBQ, why not marinate and freeze your meat before you go. By the time it defrosts, it will have been marinating for at least 24 hours and be extra delicious.
  • Invest in the firelighters, buy dry kindling, and get a few good logs before you arrive, trust us. There is a good chance a lot of the underbrush has been pillaged by the last few weeks of visitors, or if there was a rainstorm recently that could make it all too smokey.
  • Never underestimate the importance of real cutlery and glassware. I know it seems overly decadent, but having a glass of bubbly out of a plastic cup just doesn’t taste the same. Now obviously this only really works for a drive-up campsite, not if you are hiking for hours to your dream spot, but we would still recommend taking a proper mug for your morning tea at the very least, and a sharp knife and cutting board.
  • Lastly, don’t be afraid to bring a few of your favourite things. Cashmere socks for sleeping, silk eye mask and earplugs, a luxury cheese and charcuterie board, scented candles, battery-powered twinkle lights, and a few bottles of bubbles with a bottle of Drunken Berries Prosecco Mixer. Just because you are sleeping outside doesn’t mean your prosecco doesn’t deserve a splash of something fancy!

Drunken Berries prosecco mixers in a picnic basket

The Great British Summer meets The Great Outdoors is a pretty fantastic pairing, and if you make sure to bring your favourite bits and get organised you can really make the most of your stay-cation. Wherever you and your loved ones end up, we hope you have a brilliant time and don’t forget to raise a glass (or mug) to celebrate being able to be on holiday together again.  

Non Drunken Berries images via Pinterest