From Big Screen to Glass – Famous Cocktails from the Movies

July 15, 2021

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Want to upgrade your outdoor cinema experience? What better way than to sass it up with a signature cinema cocktail! We’ve put together a little list of some of our favourite films, and lovely libations that are sure to add a little splash of fun to your night!

Shaken not Stirred – James Bond

Is there a more famous signature cocktail than James Bond’s shaken not stirred Vesper Martini? We think not! With so many wonderful 007 films to choose from you can make a proper night of it. Just the mere act of drinking out of a martini glass already offers a splash of glam, and if you really want one that will knock your socks off then Bond’s signature Vesper Martini is the way to go. This potent cocktail is not for the faint of heart and is best sipped slowly, wearing diamonds, while playing roulette in Monaco, OR in your front room wearing fluffy socks, snuggled under your favourite blanket. 

Vesper Martini Recipe:

75 ml Gordon’s Gin

25 ml Grey Goose Vodka

15 ml of Kina Lillet (Replace with Cocchi Americana as Kina is hard to get hold of these days!)

Shake it over ice, and add a thin slice of lemon peel. 

Serve in an ice-cold martini glass, with a dash of sly confidence. 

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Keeping things sassy – Sex and The City

And just like that, we were allowed to drink Cosmos again! Now that the ’90s are the ‘new’ fashion trend and SJP is well on her way to making a new Sex and the City, we are all about reviving the Classic Cosmopolitan! There was not a nightclub in New York that didn’t serve this sexy staple, and for good reason, it is devastatingly delicious! Carrie Bradshaw was the queen of the Cosmo, and we recommend getting some friends over and binge-watching a series together while sipping some sassy cocktails. 

Cosmopolitan Cocktail Recipe:

45 ml Lemon Vodka

15 ml Triple Sec

30 ml Cranberry Juice

10 ml Lime Juice

Strained over ice into a frozen martini glass

Garnish with an orange peel or lime wedge, and serve as far away from Mr Big as possible #TeamAidan

HBO/Sex and the City

Image via HBO/Sex and the City

Dreaming of Daiquiris – Cocktail

How can we recommend a cinematic cocktail experience without including one of the greatest Tom Cruise films of all time, Cocktail?! Well, that might be a bit of a stretch, but it is definitely one of OUR personal favourites, and not only for the exceptional bottle tossing. Part of the film is set in Jamaica and filled with some absolutely awful concoctions like the Red Eye (Tomato Juice, Vodka, Beer, and a raw egg…)  which we wouldn’t dream of recommending, so we suggest making a delicious Drunken Berries Daiquiri instead. 

Drunken Berries Delicious Daiquiri:

100 ml White Rum

2 handfuls of fresh strawberries

50 ml of Drunken Berries Summer Berries & Rum Prosecco Mixer

1 handful of ice

Optional splash of coconut milk

Blended until smooth

Makes two

Served in a hurricane glass with a tiny umbrella, and a sideways Tom Cruise style smile. 


The ‘Big Boy Milkshake’ – The Big Lebowski

Who doesn’t love The Dude? The Big Lebowski is an absolute classic dark comedy that isn’t heavy on hygiene but has some exceptional actors, a great plot, and an impressive affinity for the White Russian. The Dude’s favourite drink is featured an impressive nine times during the film and is an essential accessory to his robe-clad character. Although he is far from glamorous, The Dude does have great taste in drinks, as a well made White Russian is actually quite delightful. 

White Russian Recipe:

60 ml Vodka

2 Tablespoons of Kahlua

1 Tablespoon of Cream

Served over ice… while wearing a robe

(Another great twist on the White Russian is to add a splash of Baileys or even a scoop of Baileys ice cream on top… we like to think The Dude would approve.)

The Big Lebowski - White Russian Cocktail

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That is Freshhhhh – Bridesmaids

Bridesmaids is quite easily one of our all-time favourite comedies! The female-led cast is absolutely hilarious and it is the perfect film for a cocktail cinema party. We took our inspiration from the infamous bridal shower scene and created our very own Super Fresh Pink Lemonade. 

Drunken Berries Pink Lemonade Recipe: 

100 ml Sipsmith Gin

50 ml Drunken Berries Raspberry & Gin Prosecco Mixer

100 ml Lemon Juice

100 ml simple syrup

Top with soda or American Lemonade

Makes two

Serve with fresh raspberries and lots of ice….and you will be ready to Paaaartaaay!


Movie night has always been a fan favourite, but add a few fab cocktails in the mix and you can make a night of it. Whether you are savouring shaken martinis, clinking cosmos, or delving into daiquiris we hope you enjoyed our list of classic cocktails and fantastic films. Enjoy!