Cocktail trends of 2021

May 6, 2021

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How long does it take for something to become a trend? Trends can be an instant Tik Tok dance or a mitten clad politician meme. Trends can also be slow-moving and steady, until one day they are so on-trend that one cannot imagine life without them. These trends can be seen everywhere and in everything including our cocktail loving community, so without further ado some of our favourite cocktail trends of 2021. 

Something sustainable this way comes…

The move to be sustainable and more globally conscious has been something that we have all been working towards for ages, and in 2021 it’s gone mainstream! One of the biggest trends for 2021 is trying to find a sustainable and eco-friendly way to enjoy all of our favourite beverages. Some brands are proudly displaying their carbon-neutral production styles, others use only recycled materials for their bottles, one even saves baby sea turtles with every purchase. Drunken Berries Cocktail & Prosecco Mixer focus on being as local as possible. We make all of our mixers in small batches in the Sussex countryside, with locally sourced fruit from UK farms. Little changes make a big impact, and we’re always looking at ways we can do better. 

Sustainable strawberries from a British farm

Shots, Shots, Shots!

Tequila has long been known as the partier of the drinking world. For years the number one way to drink tequila was with a lick of salt, an eye-watering shot to the throat and a bite of lime – but no more! With the help of Tequila purists (and The Rock), 2021 has given top-end tequila a makeover which was long overdue. Thanks to their efforts tequila has reinvented itself as smooth, sophisticated and sippable on the rocks. In fact, now that The Rock has his own stunning spirit brand and is making cocktail mixing Instagram videos, it’s practically a health food…right?

‘The Rock’s Watermelon Manarita’ Via Instagram

1/2 oz. agave nectar, 

1 oz. lime juice

Four or five large chunks of watermelon to your shaker. 

Muddle the ingredients, and then add “the real magic,” 2 oz. Teremana Blanco tequila, followed by ice. 

Do the “sexy shake,” and pour into a glass. Garnish with a watermelon wedge and you have yourself the drink of the summer.

Shots of drink lined up

Mindfulness Minute

One of the biggest trends for 2021 is mindfulness in every sense of the word. Being mindful of others, of our impact on the world, of the environment,  and of course, being mindful of ourselves. In 2021 making mindful conscious decisions about what and how we drink has become a big trend and here is a shortlist of the top things to consider. 

  1. Buying local growers wine and investing in small-batch breweries. Not only will you be supporting small business, but you will also be reducing your carbon footprint. 
  2. Natural wines are just that, natural. Nothing is added or taken away so all you are left with is the pure naturally occurring wine. Drinking natural wine is a great way to reduce your hangover and your chemical intake (due to reduced sulphates), while still enjoying the finer things.
  3. The hard-seltzer market has only just started to make a name for itself, and because of the new mindfulness drinking trend, it really is starting to get noticed. These low sugar, gluten-free, low alcohol options are a great alternative to some of the sweeter mocktails on the market. 
  4. It may surprise you, but the number one thing that people have said help them feel mindful and centred is something you have probably been doing already… staying at home and enjoying food and drink with loved ones. Without the added pressure of getting dolled up, having to be social, or having to worry about the extra money spent, staying at home has become a sanctuary and has contributed to positive wellbeing and mindfulness. Well done you!

Socialising in the garden - Cocktail trends of 2021

Tropical is trending! 

Well, The Rock said it, so it must be true! Just because we can’t hop on a plane to somewhere tropical, doesn’t mean our palettes can’t enjoy the fruity delicious tropical flavours. One of the biggest cocktail trends of 2021 is the travelling taste bud, and we are absolutely here for it. Tropical drinks became a big hit in the ’80s (Tom Cruise saw to that!) and people couldn’t get enough of a Blue Hawaiian, Pina Colada or Mai Tai.

Tom Cruise cocktail

Now that exotic ingredients are even more accessible why not broaden your drinking horizons? We recommend our Drunken Berries Raspberry and Lychee Gin Fizz to take your taste buds all the way to tropical Thailand. Cocktails and Dreams indeed!

Drunken Berries Raspberry and Lychee Gin Fizz

50 ml of Gin

50 mil of Lychee Juice (Strain out the lychees and save for garnish

A splash of Drunken Berries Raspberry and Gin Cocktail Mixer

Topped up with soda water (or prosecco if you’re feeling fizzy)

Garnish with fresh raspberries and/or lychees and a squeeze of lime juice. 


Tropical cocktail - Cocktail trends 2021

Although we are only partway through 2021 these trends are definitely ones that have longevity, and we are sure to see them gaining more momentum as the years go on. One thing is for certain is that no matter what comes next, human ingenuity and creativity will always be something on-trend. Cheers!