5 ways to Celebrate your Birthday Online

January 13, 2021

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It’s my party and I’ll Zoom if I want to! Just because we are staying safe doesn’t mean we can’t still have a brilliant birthday at home. In fact, it could be the best one yet! Instead of a traditional birthday gathering down the pub, you can now have an international online extravaganza with friends and family from around the world. Here are 5 great ways to celebrate your birthday online, because if there was ever a time for cake and bubbles it is now! 

Who will be crowned star baker or have a chance at a Hollywood handshake? 

If there is one thing that this last year has taught us, it is how to get our bake on! Why not use your newfound baking skills to host a Great British Bake Off of your own? Have your guests bake (or buy) a plain cake and some decorations, and during your birthday Zoom you set the surprise task of what to make. Best likeness of the birthday girl, best dinosaur, make something that begins with the first letter of the birthday boy’s name… you have 10 minutes, on your mark, get set, BAKE!

GBBO invite- online birthday ideas

Memories make the best gifts

Birthdays are for making memories, so why not actually ‘make’ something together. Even if you are not a sewing master, there are plenty of crafts the whole family can get involved in together no matter where they are in the world. Paint your own pebbles, make some no-sew bunting, build a toilet roll marble run or even a simple dreamcatcher. Once you’re finished you’ll have a homemade memory of your time spent together, Happy Birthday to You! 

Pebble painting - celebrate your birthday online

Mix it up, drink it down, cheers my dear to another year! 

You didn’t think we’d get through the whole post without tipping our hat to a tipple or two did you?! Why not host a virtual cocktail mixer master class where you and your friends can show the ‘real’ skills you’ve all learned over lockdown. May we suggest the ‘Don’t know what day it is – It’s my BIRTHDAY- Daiquiri!’ Made with Drunken Berries Summer Berries and Rum. Or perhaps a Tonic for the Soul Twisted G&T to get the party started. “Gin & Tonic has saved more Englishmen’s lives, and minds, than all the doctors in the empire.” – Winston Churchill

Drunken Berries frozen daquiri

Kiddo Karaoke, earplugs not included

Who doesn’t like a little karaoke? Well, Us, but some people absolutely love it, especially the little ones. So why not host a Karaoke night where everyone can belt out their favourite Disney songs while dressed as their favourite character? Gather your instruments and get on Zoom’s share feature which allows you to all sing along to the song of your choice. After the cake, and games, and pressies, everyone can cuddle up and watch the birthday kid’s favourite movie together on Disney Plus Party… in the words of Maui, ‘You’re Welcome’.

celebrate your birthday online - Disney Karaoke

All that Glitters quiz night 

We know what you’re thinking, another quiz? But why not put a sparkly spin on it and have an ‘All that Glitters’ themed birthday quiz night? Who sang ‘Diamonds are a girl’s best friend’? True or false glitter was used as a weapon in WWII etc.

Now get out your face glitter, sparkler candles, sequin bum bag, and tiara, and shine like the birthday royalty you are! Best dressed gets bonus points.  And how could you possibly celebrate without a glass of something sparkling? Why not sass it up with a splash of Drunken Berries prosecco mixer and make a beautiful bellini – now quiz on you crazy diamond!

Now more than ever it’s important to celebrate when we can, so pop the bubbles, eat the cake, and make this birthday one to remember. Happy Birthday To You!